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We are Teenuja & Kevin, the couple behind the Veganlovlie blog and YouTube Channel. Currently based in Montreal, we are vegan foodies who love to immortalise our vegan recipes into delicious photos and make tempting recipe videos.


The Veganlovlie Blog & YouTube Channel

The Veganlovlie blog started off back in 2008 after about a year that we became vegan. Originally, it was Teenuja’s favourite special corner – my little cocoon – where I would depict all the recipes I was making and experimenting with at the beginning of my vegan culinary adventure. Recently, sometime around mid-2015, my partner, Kevin, joined in the fun and is now fully involved with many aspects of the blog and especially the YouTube Channel for the recipe videos — the filming and most part of the video editing.

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Our Food Culture and Cuisine Style

We draw our culinary influence from our home country — Mauritius, indigenous land of the extinct dodo bird — and the different countries that we have lived in.

Mauritian cuisine is a myriad of different cultures and cuisines, namely Creole/African, Chinese, European and Indian, that sprouted into something really quite unique to Mauritius. Through living in different countries, we have learnt to become adaptable to the local ingredients and food culture. So, infused with culinary delights that we have picked up from these countries and paired with ingredients that we like to source locally, our recipes now depict a fusion-style cuisine with a tang of Mauritian inheritance where every recipe has a story to tell. We love the idea of a cuisine that is constantly evolving as, for us, a cuisine that does not evolve is one that is as dead as the dodo. So, expect to see an amalgam of traditional and refreshing contemporary as we quite serendipitously flow into new culinary territories.


Hello from Teenuja

vegan recipes, veganlovlieOne side of me has been fond of cooking prior to turning vegan, something I probably have inherited from my mom. She is known in the family for her wonderful tasty dishes, even though not vegan.
I started cooking for myself really during my early days as a college student away from home where I was making scrumptious meals which my flatmates very much enjoyed.

I have always kept the love of making tasty and creative meals, which I enjoy sharing. Cooking and sharing food is an effortless act for me as it comes naturally. And so does blogging (and now more recently) making videos about food and recipes. There is joy in every moment of it, from the grocery shopping to publishing the post/video — the preparation, cooking, setting and styling the food then taking the picture, the writing and all the video making & editing process. Up until the beginning of 2015, maintaining the blog and YouTube channel was only a hobby aside my — then — full-time job as a UI/UX Designer. Blogging and being a YouTube Channel Host has now become my current full-time occupation.

With a far more sour tooth than I have a sweet one, I can enjoy a good pickle on its own and have a penchant for fermented foods. While Japanese cuisine is one that never cease to impress my palate, I do have my taste buds set on the spicy dishes.

When I am not in the kitchen concocting a recipe or at the computer working on the Veganlovlie blog and channel, I like to cuddle on the sofa and enjoy long conversations about life with Kevin while crocheting some amigurumi. With no TV (by choice), I selectively like to watch Japanese anime, metaphysical, whimsical, ethereal and sci-fi movies. As I feel magic is what life is made of, I dream of fantastic stories involving extraordinary creatures known as dragons, merraffes and cocifoques (the last two are creatures that I’ve made up).

I have been a vegan since 2007. While it is not always the easiest thing to live this lifestyle, I can however say that the diet part of it is what came the easiest to me since the beginning; it feels natural for me personally.


Bonjour from Kevin


Hi folks, up until June 2015, I was mostly the taste tester and ‘behind-the-scenes” cook who finds cooking very relaxing. Sharpening knives and chopping vegetables are like a meditation in themselves.

I became vegan simultaneously with Teenuja as we made the change together. My passion for cooking really came to be after I spent some time on my own in Scotland.

When I am not working on the channel or the blog, I am in search of beauty in the near rather than the far — macro photography captivates me.

Before joining the Veganlovlie blog and channel, I have been working as a Lead Illustrator in various industries, namely game design and film. Check out my personal website ( to view some samples of my work.


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