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Mauritian Roti/Farata and Fillings

Traditional Mauritian Roti (Farata/Paratha) Recipe and Fillings — Part 1/3: Roti / Farata or Paratha (oil-free version)

Embedded in the local food culture, rotis have been puffing on the Mauritian tawas for decades. Served with a few dollops of the typical white bean curry and rougaille sauce, roti or dal puris are the ultimate street comfort food that also happen to be accidentally vegan. As humble as roti and curry may sound,

English muffins, vegan

English Muffin Recipe – Vegan

Easy English muffin recipe that can be made on stove top, or just a few minutes in the oven. Vegan bread recipe. Sunday (yesterday) morning debate (in my head): Which should I make? My all-time favourite scones or sweet potato bread (because I do have some sweet potato in the fridge that need to be used soon). Hm, I

Sweet potato bread sliced, yeast bread

Sweet Potato Bread – A Recipe Video

A homemade sweet potato bread that is moist, soft and easy to make. Yeast bread. Braided bread recipe that can be made into rolls or buns too. Vegan recipe. Ever since I’ve made this bread for a previous Daring Baker’s Challenge, it has become a regular at the Lovlie Cocoon! It is THE only way

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