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One Bowl Vanilla Chocolate Chip Steamed Vegan Mug Cake Recipe

A cozy mug of hot cake! Tempted?
Retrieved from the archives, an oldie but goodie mug cake recipe of mine called for a revamp lately as I was in the mood for some steamed cake. This one is a simple one bowl vegan vanilla chocolate chip mug cake that neither requires a microwave nor oven. It is steamed and results in a moister, lighter, fluffier and spongy texture.

apple orange vegan loaf cake recipe

Apple and Orange Vegan Loaf Cake

An easy delicious recipe for a moist vegan apple cake with a hint of orange. A vegan loaf cake that can be enjoyed for breakfast, at tea time or any time of the day. Waking up from its summer hibernation, the oven is back up and baking. Warmer days are now long gone as the

Irish Tea Brack

Irish Tea Brack

This is a popular fruit loaf in Ireland. I sometimes buy fruit loaves in the supermarkets; they have some that are dairy & egg-free. I’ve always wanted to try out a proper homemade tea brack recipe though. After searching for a vegan recipe, I found that most of them used egg-replacer which I didn’t have.

oats vegan yogurt cake

Oatmilk Yogurt Cake

Oat milk yogurt was new to me until I came across it on Shin’s Vegan Lovin’ blog. The only non-dairy yogurt I’ve had until now was soy yogurt. When I saw the recipe for oat milk yogurt on Shin’s blog, I was intrigued and I had to try it. I usually make oat milk at

vegan yogurt cupcake

Vegan Yogurt Cupcakes

I had never actually made a vegan yogurt cake before. So, I experimented a little bit and it turned out really nice, soft and moist. I made cupcakes but I also tried this in a loaf pan which was nice too. I am not entirely happy about the frosting though. I made it with extra

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