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Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate Orange Cake

I promised I would post the recipe of the mini cakes I made for SisterLovlie’s birthday. They were quite moist and I flavoured the orange and chocolate batters separately. I used soymilk in this cake; I’ve had a bit of soy in cakes lately and it hasn’t affected me so far! Could my intolerance to

vegan apple scones recipe

Apple Cinnamon Scones

My Saturday plan, today, was to go out shopping. I’ve seen this really nice bikini in this shop about a week ago and have fallen in love with it. Well, it’s nothing great, a quite simple bikini really. I’m the sort of person who can’t buy things on the spot. I have to wait a

Vegan Superman Cupcakes

Superman Surprise Birthday Mini-Cakes!

For BoyfriendLovlie’s birthday today, we had lunch at Panarotti’s Pizza. I was supposed to go to his place but we changed plan at the last minute and I quickly booked a table for two. Yesterday I’ve been very busy baking and decorating mini-cakes. As I knew I would have to get on a bus to

Coffee Cake

Coffee Loaf Cake

I bought this new loaf tin on Thursday and was eager to try it out. I wanted to try some bread recipe but I’m more of a cake eater than a bread eater! So, I finally decided to try out a coffee cake that actually had coffee in it. I almost never drink coffee but

vegan Chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake

I finally got some time to write down this post. And as promised, here’s the chocolate cake recipe. Chocolate cake is a favourite for many people, vegans and non-vegans alike! One of my biggest fear when I was going through my transition phrase from vegetarian to vegan was how was I going to bake nice

vegan semolina cake

Semolina Carrot Cake

I was baking a chocolate cake (I have yet to pour the chocolate topping on, so bear with me, recipe coming up soon!) for my sister’s friend today and as I already had the oven on , I thought I’d just put another one in for myself. I’ve been wanting to make a carrot cake

Banana-Pear Turnover Spiced Cake

I decided to make this banana pear spiced cake this afternoon after my mum brought home some 10 very ripe pears. They were too ripe to eat. So I decided to mix them with a banana for more flavour. I wasn’t planning on making this a turnover cake and was going to incorporate the fruits

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