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pumpkin butter roll cookies, fig rolls, fig newtons

Pumpkin Butter Roll Cookies – Inspired from Fig Rolls aka Fig Newtons {made vegan}

Buttery soft roll cookies filled with naturally sweetened pumpkin butter. These pumpkin cookies are not overly sweet, contain no refined sugar and make great diabetic friendly cookies, snacks or desserts. They are pretty much a homemade vegan version of fig rolls or Fig Newtons with spiced date pumpkin filling. The good thing about pumpkin is that its natural sweetness contributes much to sweeten goodies without the need for refined sugar.

Pumpkin Date Roll Cookies, Vegan cookies inspired from Fig Rolls or Fig Newtons

Pumpkin Date Roll Cookies | Vegan Recipe

Inspired from fig rolls (Fig Newtons), a recipe for pumpkin date roll vegan cookies — buttery soft cookies filled with homemade spiced pumpkin & date paste. As pumpkin season gears into full swing, I just could not forgo the chance for another addition to the already bountiful amount of pumpkin recipes on the internet. While

cranberry oat crispy cookies

Diamonds Not Oreos

Photo was taken while Boyfriendlovlie was practising his zen balancing with the cookies. The one thing that got me excited when I moved to Canada was that Oreos are vegan here. Another taste of the so-loved (pre-vegan) childhood treat, was something quite unique despite it being just-an-Oreo. Sadly, after binging on quite a few packs,

napolitaine cookies/biscuit

Mauritian Napolitaines Cookies | September 2010 Daring Baker’s Challenge: Decorated Sugar Cookies

Two layers of buttery soft melt-in-the-mouth cookies filled with jam and coated with icing sugar. These Mauritian Napolitaines cookies are simple yet so delicious! Vegan sugar-coated cookies. This month’s Daring Baker’s Challenge was set on a theme and the theme was September. September meaning whatever the month of September means to us (the Daring Bakers).

peanut chocolate cookies

Semi-sweet cookies and updates…

I made those semi-sweet semolina cookies about 2 days ago. There are still quite a lot left. They are very crunchy and granular, and light on sugar. I sometimes like them light; I feel overstuffed when they are too sugary. I’ve been having too many nuts these few days with them being on promo at

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