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Sweet potato cookie rolls

Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls – The recipe

Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls – The recipe As promised…here’s the recipe. I only get the white sweet potatoes over here. I would have preferred the orange variety that I used to buy in England, they’re more flavourful. If you can get hold of the orange sweet potato, then I would definitely recommend them. Ingredients (12-15

savoury chickpea cookies

Savoury Chickpea Cookies

My first week at my new job has been good so far. But I’ve missed my kitchen very much! So tonight I thought I should bake something not only because I’ve been missing my ‘cooking/baking stress relief therapy’ but also because I need something to nibble on during the day at work! There aren’t any

Vegan Coconut Chocolate Orange Cookie

Coconut Choco-Orange Cookies

I had quite some coconut flakes left over from yesterday’s Vegetables in Coconut Milk. I was short of time yesterday to make some cookies out of them. So, I kept them in the fridge and managed to make some today. Those cookies turned out really well, despite each batch being slightly different in crunchiness/chewiness! The

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