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Crochet throw

Throw in some Crochet for Sheer Joy

Carried away into this gentle sea of loops, crocheting has now become more than a hobby — it’s my meditation. If patience comes to your mind upon seeing any work of crochet (or knit) then I think naught but the sheer joy I derive from every loop made. Isn’t it amazing how a single strand

owl amigurumi

My new crochet project: Owl #amigurumi

Meet Baltazar. That is how Sisterlovlie has named her new little friend. As I am picking up on more crochet skills and working on bigger projects like throws, I thought tackling amigurumis would be the next step. And Sisterlovlie being so fond of owls, I couldn’t help but make my first amigurumi project an owl

peacock watercolor painting

The Peacock

These days my creativity is really kicking in. I feel I could just sit and do all sorts of handmade crafts all day long. How I wish I could do just that sometimes but heck there’s work to go to. But last night while chatting to Sisterlovlie on Skype, I started on this watercolor painting

Crochet basket

Crochet Baskets Project

I’m getting more and more into the crochet gear these days, all curled up in bed with a cup of tea! Crochet is a really relaxing activity I find. My latest project are these square baskets which I’m going to use to organise my spices pots in the cupboard. I’ve stiffened the basket with a

Handmade: Woodland Leaf and Mushroom Soap Dish

Where have I been? Ahhh! I’ve missed this blog and my Facebook page so much during these past two months. Well, there’s been a lot happening for me and the biggest change is that I’ve moved country. It has been two incredibly busy months and I’m now in Canada! Yay! Boyfriendlovlie and I left Ireland

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