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Molasses on fruits

Where Do I Get My Iron? Molasses.

Molasses is something that reminds me of many childhood memories. There was one particular molasses fudge that was available at the deli counter of one particular store in Mauritius. Back in the days, we wouldn’t go there often but whenever Mum would take us, it was really something we looked forward to. However, as time

Dragon Fruit

I’ve seen the dragon fruit for a while in Tesco over here and because it’s incredibly expensive (€2.99 each!), I’ve restraint myself from buying it until now. Well, both BoyfriendLovlie and I were very eager to know what this magnificent fruit would taste like. I googled a bit about dragon fruit before attempting to cut

jaggery unrefined sugar

My Newly Adopted Sugar!

Oh my dear readers…I haven’t abandoned you, no! There hasn’t been a single day since my last post that I haven’t thought about you. My new job has been taking all of my time. I haven’t had any time for myself at all. I’ve just been cooking basics, repeating the dishes over and over again

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