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vegan fruit terrine and date rolls skewers

Vegan Dessert Platter with Fruit Terrine, Fruit & Date Rolls Kabobs/Skewers and Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

With the holiday season merrily approaching, much of the planning and preparation no doubt revolves around food, whether simple or elaborate. While most of the time I keep the holiday meals relatively simple, I do look forward to the dessert part. Most would agree that dessert is really the much exciting course of any meal.

Spaghetti Squash Carrot Halwa

Butternut, Spaghetti Squash & Carrot Halwa | Vegan/Vegetarian recipe

Pumpkin Spice – two words that now quintessentially bring up the amber and golden warm hues of Autumn, if not another name for the season itself, with pumpkin-flavoured drinks, snacks and even home decor items – candles, potpourri, fragrance diffusers, you name it – sprouting at every street corner. I cannot help but wonder whether

Popcorn indiana

As Fit As Popcorn Can Get!

When it comes to vegan snacks, it can become quite a challenge in my case with my nuts-and-seeds allergy. While I do often make my own tasty homemade snacks, sometimes I just want the convenience of a store-bought one. So, when Popcorn Indiana offered to send on a sample of their popcorn for my review,

King soba noodles

King Soba Noodles

For the food-shopaholic that I am, these black rice noodles didn’t go unnoticed though on the bottom shelf. Indeed any unusual ingredient would magnetise my attention (as Boyfriendlovlie would put it!); I’d just grab, read the label for any non-vegan culprits, and simultaneously grinning mentally at the thought of the creations I could be making

healthy surprise, vegan snacks

Healthy Surprise!

Are you an anime fan? Japanese ones? I am! And I watch them every single night after dinner! Among the ones that I’ve watched for far, here’s my list of favourite ones: One Piece, Naruto, Berserk, Death Note, Trigun, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Bleach, Yu-Yu Hakusho… And currenlty watching: Monster. The list will keep

Vegan Chocolate, Seed and Bean

Break It!

I’ve been testing out some vegan chocolate in the Seed & Bean brand lately. So, I wanted to post a mini review. I’ve found 4 flavours at my local Holland & Barrett store and these are: Ginger Mandarin and Ginger Chilli Lavender My favourite is the Ginger one. It has tiny ginger nibs with the

granose meat-free products

Granose Meat-Free Products

I mentioned the Granose Chicken Style Roast that we had for Christmas Eve dinner in my previous post. Here’s the Burger mix that I had yesterday. I find these quite convenient sometimes; they only require water, shaped them into patties, then bake for 20 minutes or so. Products available in the Granose range are :

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