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Dehli-O-Deli, A Restaurant Review

Dehli-O-Deli is a vegetarian restaurant (with a good selection of vegan dishes on the menu) which quite recently opened in Moore Street in Dublin. I had not yet paid a visit until a few weeks ago. Infact, a colleague had recommended the place and as we were passing by the area, Boyfriendlovlie and I decided

granose meat-free products

Granose Meat-Free Products

I mentioned the Granose Chicken Style Roast that we had for Christmas Eve dinner in my previous post. Here’s the Burger mix that I had yesterday. I find these quite convenient sometimes; they only require water, shaped them into patties, then bake for 20 minutes or so. Products available in the Granose range are :

Pataks creamed coconut sachets

A Creamed Coconut Review

I’ve been using these Patak’s Creamed Coconut for a while now and I’ve been meaning to post a review about them the very first day I’ve tried them. I kept forgetting to take a snapshot of them which is why this review is only coming up now. This is just my own review; I was

Birthday Presents

Two weeks ago was my birthday and it was my first birthday here in Ireland in our new apartment. Boyfriendlovlie and I moved to a new apartment 3 weeks ago and we both love it! It’s much more spacious and bright. Good size kitchen with enough natural light to take good photos! Nice balcony too!

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