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beetroot arame green mango salad

My Way of the Salad

What’s your concept of a perfect salad? Most of my work lunches are my own packed salads which I make the night before. I prepare and pack the dressing separate. While I make salads at least 4 – 5 times a week, I don’t actually blog about them that much. If you eat salads that

warm brown wild rice salad

Warm Rice Salad

For a few days Boyfriendlovlie has been having some inspiration about a warm rice salad with aubergine and lentils. So, most of the credit for this yummy dish goes to him! Inspired by Boyfriendlovlie and made by me, this is the power of synergy and we could taste the love in every mouthful of this

Potato Salad with Santini Tomatoes

I’m at home today! Yay! No work! It’s so good to have a day off with nothing to do on the schedule. I usually work just 3 days a week but I still have a lot of things to do for the remaining days. But today, I decided to just switch off from everything and

Lunchbox cauliflower beans and mash potato

Cauliflower, Beans and Mash Lunch Box

It’s been ages since I last had mashed potato. So, this was what I decided to have today for lunch. I usually prepare my lunch the night before. Cauliflower is in season at the moment. So, I’m enjoying it while it’s available. I’m not a great fan of white cauliflower but this green stalk variety

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