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English muffins, vegan

English Muffin Recipe – Vegan

Easy English muffin recipe that can be made on stove top, or just a few minutes in the oven. Vegan bread recipe. Sunday (yesterday) morning debate (in my head): Which should I make? My all-time favourite scones or sweet potato bread (because I do have some sweet potato in the fridge that need to be used soon). Hm, I

Tofu scramble taco


One of the most famous vegan classic meal is without a doubt the tofu scramble. As such, this recipe is so versatile that probably hardly anyone needs a recipe for it. At the Lovlie Coccoon, tofu scramble is much enjoyed for breakfast with slices of homemade bread, lunch in a wrap as well as dinner

pain perdu, French toast

Vegan Pain Perdu or French Toast

Pain perdu in French means “lost bread” or otherwise stale bread that might have been thrown away could be used in this recipe. But do you know, I’ve been waiting for my store bought bread to go stale for a while and it still seems like it’s fresh. Goodness knows what horrid things they put

savoury vegetable pancake

Savoury Veggie Pancakes

Recipe for vegan savoury pancakes, loaded with vegetables. Easy tasty eggless pancake recipe. Vegan pancake recipe. Gluten-free pancake version also available. I’ve made these vegan savoury pancakes a few times for weekend brunches but have never featured them before. That’s because by the time they are ready, I’m already starving, so I don’t think about

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