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Sweet potato fudgesicle

Sweet Potato Fudgesicles

One of the best use for sweet potatoes if you don’t enjoy the taste is to make vegan ice cream! Can I tempt you with these Sweet Potato Fudgesicles? They are so easy to make and taste awesome! For me that’s one more way to eat sweet potatoes! Yummy! I felt like a big kid

Fruit Smoothie Dessert

123Smoothie Dessert

At the Lovlie Cocoon, we bake a vegan cake almost every week. Be it at tea time or dessert, cake always saves the day! But this week I really needed a break from cake but still wanted some kind of dessert. Something lighter than cake… And then it came to me while pondering over the

vegan Carrot halwa

Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa reminds me of many childhood memories when my mum used to make it. At that time I was having the non vegan full fat version. Veganising carrot halwa is very easy. However, it does take as long as the non-vegan version to cook which is a full hour or more. So, I tend

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