Vegan Coconut Chocolate Orange Cookie

Coconut Choco-Orange Cookies

I had quite some coconut flakes left over from yesterday’s Vegetables in Coconut Milk. I was short of time yesterday to make some cookies out of them. So, I kept them in the fridge and managed to make some today. Those cookies turned out really well, despite each batch being slightly different in crunchiness/chewiness! The

vegan eggless omelette

Eggless Omelette | Vegan

I got inspired by the Vegan Omelette for One by SusanV from Fatfree Vegan. So, I decided to attempt this eggless omelette without any soymilk or tofu due to my slight intolerance to soy lately. I need to improve on the taste and texture a little bit. Hence, I am only posting a picture. I

Homemade Corn Chips

This is an easy way to make some homemade corn chips. They are a healthier option to the ones that are commercially sold. They are baked, not fried, and contain no MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial flavour, sweetener or colourants. The batch I made turned out a little bit thick. You can always roll them thinner

Just some thoughts…

I must say being a vegan in Mauritius is not easy. I became vegan a year ago when I was still living in London. And in the UK there’s quite a lot of vegan stuffs available, although not conveniently everywhere, but they’re still available or can be bought easily over the internet. I’ve been back

Aloe Vera

I’ve been reading quite a few articles about the benefits of the Aloe vera plant recently and I’ve decided to eat it on a regular basis now. The main reason for eating Aloe vera is because it increases resistance to disease. It fights infections and is very good for the skin as well. I’m currently

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