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Spaghetti Squash Carrot Halwa

Butternut, Spaghetti Squash & Carrot Halwa | Vegan/Vegetarian recipe

Pumpkin Spice – two words that now quintessentially bring up the amber and golden warm hues of Autumn, if not another name for the season itself, with pumpkin-flavoured drinks, snacks and even home decor items – candles, potpourri, fragrance diffusers, you name it – sprouting at every street corner. I cannot help but wonder whether

Romaine Lettuce smoothie

Fruity Romaine Lettuce Smoothie

While romaine lettuce would probably not be able to compete with kale on nutritional value, it has however quite a good amount of nutrients. It is infact a complete protein having all 8 amino acids needed in our body! Wow, that’s good news! I do like to include greens in my smoothies. Usually kale or

savoury vegetable pancake

Savoury Veggie Pancakes

Recipe for vegan savoury pancakes, loaded with vegetables. Easy tasty eggless pancake recipe. Vegan pancake recipe. Gluten-free pancake version also available. I’ve made these vegan savoury pancakes a few times for weekend brunches but have never featured them before. That’s because by the time they are ready, I’m already starving, so I don’t think about

Stuffed Carrot in Crust

Crusted Stuffed Carrot

First of all I need to thank the sweet Shelly for all the nice words she said about me and for posting a Wipster interview about me! I love the idea to call the W.I.P participants Wipsters! And thank you for all your amazing comments about the W.I.P Wednesday logo! I wasn’t expecting such a

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