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homemade sweet potato chips

Oven-baked Masala Sweet Potato Chips | Vegan Snack

The masala in these homemade oven-baked sweet potato chips complement their caramelised sweetness. A simple nutritious healthy vegan snack idea that is sure to appease your munch cravings. Baked instead of deep fried, they present a healthier alternative to store-bought ones. When it comes to snacks, we are quite restricted since we are both allergic to

Sweet potato bread sliced, yeast bread

Sweet Potato Bread – A Recipe Video

A homemade sweet potato bread that is moist, soft and easy to make. Yeast bread. Braided bread recipe that can be made into rolls or buns too. Vegan recipe. Ever since I’ve made this bread for a previous Daring Baker’s Challenge, it has become a regular at the Lovlie Cocoon! It is THE only way

Sweet potato cookie rolls

Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls – The recipe

Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls – The recipe As promised…here’s the recipe. I only get the white sweet potatoes over here. I would have preferred the orange variety that I used to buy in England, they’re more flavourful. If you can get hold of the orange sweet potato, then I would definitely recommend them. Ingredients (12-15

Sweet potato cookie rolls

Sweet Potato Stuffed Rolls

They are cookies rolled and stuffed with mashed sweet potato and raisins. I made them yesterday and they were really yummy even though they went a bit cakey today. They still tasted great! I’ll post the recipe soon…Recipe here.

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