Sweet potato wontons
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Vegan Wonton in Butternut Squash and Broccoli Soup

Wontons filled with creamy sweet potato and tofu. Enjoy in a delectable butternut squash & broccoli soup for a warm filling dinner.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time55 mins
Total Time1 hr 15 mins
Course: Appetiser, Main Dish
Cuisine: Vegan
Keyword: broccoli soup, butternut squash soup, vegan wonton, wantan, wonton soup
Servings: 4
Author: Teenuja Dahari - veganlovlie.com



  • 1 butternut squash peeled and cubed
  • 2 potatoes peeled and cubed
  • 5 - 6 fresh mushrooms sliced
  • 1 cup broccoli cut into florets
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon sweet Spanish paprika
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • salt to taste
  • fresh herbs for serving, I used parsley


  • 20 wonton skins if frozen, defrost at room temperature for a least 2 hours
  • 1 cup sweet potato boiled and mashed
  • 100 g tofu
  • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger grated
  • 3 tablespoons shredded nori sheets
  • 1 teaspoon seafood seasoning choose a vegan one, see notes
  • 1 tablespoon tamari soy sauce
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil


Make wonton filling:

  • Heat oil in a pan. Add ginger. Cook for about 30 seconds.
  • Crumble tofu and add in. Sprinkle with the seafood seasoning.
  • Stir and cook for about 10 - 12 minutes until tofu starts to turn golden and lightly crispy on the outside.
  • At this point, add the mashed sweet potato. Mix well and let cook for another 2 - 3 minutes.
  • Add soy sauce. And lastly add shredded nori. Mix well and cook for another minute or two.
  • Remove from heat and let cool. Add salt to taste if required.

Make soup:

  • While filling is cooling, make the soup.
  • Add oil to a deep pan. Next add cumin and let roast in the oil for 30 seconds.
  • Add potatoes with 2 tablespoons water. Cover and let cook until almost soft.
  • Add butternut squash and cook until potatoes and squash are soft.
  • Transfer to a blender and process to a puree. You may need to add a little water. (You can also stick a hand blender in the pan and process).
  • Next add the broccoli florets, the paprika, maple syrup and lemon juice.
  • Simmer until broccoli are half cooked (I like to leave a bit of crunch in the broccoli). Lastly add mushrooms and simmer for another 5 minutes.
  • Add salt to taste.

Make wontons:

  • Place a big deep pan of water to boil. You can either boil the wontons directly in the water or use a steamer rack in the pan to place them on and steam.
  • To fold wonton, place a little of the filling in the middle. Brush edges with a little water. Fold diagonally and glue edges together to securely enclose the filling. Then fold back the two opposite ends at the longest edge back onto each other. Glue in place with a little water.
  • Leave aside for a few minutes as you proceed on making the rest of the wontons until all filling has been used up.
  • You can make some extras if you have enough skins as wontons freeze well uncooked.
  • Depending on the size of the pan, place about 4 - 8 wontons at a time in the water or on the steamer rack. Boil or steam for about 10 minutes until skin is soft. Do not over-boil or wonton will start to disintegrate.
  • Remove wontons from water and place in a bowl or plate.
  • To serve, place wontons in a bowl, ladle with soup and garnish with herbs.


For seafood seasoning, I love the Cool Runnings Seafood Seasoning which is available online on Amazon. But you can use any other appropriate seasoning of choice.
Link to recipe - Vegan Wonton in Butternut Squash and Broccoli Soup - https://veganlovlie.com/sweet-potato-tofu-wontons-in-butternut/