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Nature's Path Granola Rice Pudding

Two (closed) Delicious Nature’s Path Contests + Vanilla Cardamom and Chocolate Layered Easy Rice Pudding Recipe

January gone, the rash of resolutions are probably either gradually starting to be conquered or vanish like they never were in the first place. With more of a holistic approach to making changes to my life, resolutions and I have more or less been a loose stride. Not that I lack the motivation but I

harissa spiced tomato fried rice with beetroot greens

Harissa Spiced Tomato Fried Rice with Beetroot Greens | Middle Eastern Inspired Vegan / Vegetarian Recipe

A tomato vegetable fried rice spiced with harissa spice. Beet greens and the stems add texture and another depth of flavour to this delicious low-fat rice dish. Packed with a blend of hot smoked chili peppers, garlic and other variable spices like cumin, coriander, caraway, mint, sometimes tomatoes and rose petals, harissa is a widely

Vegetable congee

Beancurd and Veggie Congee

Congee is something that I’ve recently had the chance to taste. I had never had it before but after some recommendation (from the same colleague who recommended Dehli-O-Deli) I decided to try it out at Yamamori Oriental Cafe in Dublin. I ordered the Mushroom (oyster mushroom) Congee soup. While it was quite nice and the

warm brown wild rice salad

Warm Rice Salad

For a few days Boyfriendlovlie has been having some inspiration about a warm rice salad with aubergine and lentils. So, most of the credit for this yummy dish goes to him! Inspired by Boyfriendlovlie and made by me, this is the power of synergy and we could taste the love in every mouthful of this

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