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date pumpkin butter sugar-free

Date Pumpkin Butter | Sugar-free Recipe

A lightly spiced and naturally sweetened pumpkin butter with dates, no added sugar. This butter is great smeared on toasts, crackers, pancakes, added to porridge or incorporated in other sweet treats.
Chilly temperatures beckon warmer dishes; luscious morsels to snuggle the belly and cozy us up. Growing up in a tropical country with only two seasons and little seasonal variation of temperature, I don’t recall paying much attention to colder weather seasonal dishes. In fact, summer bounties — garden-grown and local tropical fruits — were more often awaited with much anticipation rather than winter produce. After more than 15 years spent living in countries with colder winters, I’ve grown quite fond of the seasonal fall and winter produce.

tikka masala spice mix

Easy Homemade Tikka Masala Spice Mix Recipe

As called for in our previous tikka masala curry recipe, this spice mix not only gives a personal touch to the dish but it also makes it very unique. For its symphony of flavours and aroma, tikka masala curry definitely beckons your own blend of spices. The mix can be made in advance and stored in air tight jars for a few months.

An easy homemade tikka masala spice mix for the popular tikka masala sauce or curry and dry rub for vegetable kebabs or baked tofu.

apple tamarind chutney sweetened with date and jaggery

Apple Tamarind Chutney Recipe {sweetened with Date & Jaggery}

A sweet, sour and spicy apple tamarind chutney recipe filled with sun-kissed ingredients like tamarind and chillies. Fingers smeared with spicy tamarind sauce swept from the banana leaf that food is served on during Hindu and Tamil weddings or religious ceremonies — this is how I remember the spicy tamarind compote. Locally known as ‘takkar’ in

Mauritian roti and fillings - coriander (cilantro) chutney, satini, chatini cotomili

Traditional Mauritian Roti and Fillings — Part 3/3: Rougaille Sauce and Coriander Chutney (Cilantro)

Before closing off this series of 3 posts, I have to admit that the idea of jumping on a plane to go and experience the roti from the streets of Mauritius did cross my mind. For sure, this whole series has taken my tastebuds for a little trip back in time, reminiscing about the mouthwatering

Vegan/Vegetarian Kimchi Recipe, no onion & no garlic

My Version of Kimchi | Vegan Recipe

A bite into a seemingly spicy piece of pickled napa cabbage opened up a whole new world for me when I discovered kimchi for the first time at this Korean restaurant called The Hop House in Dublin, Ireland. Crunchy, juicy, tangy and hot was really quite a mouthful of surprise from what looked like some

Cauliflower avocado mash

Cauliflower is the New Kale

A mashed cauliflower recipe with avocado. A low carb alternative to mashed potatoes with the added creaminess of avocado. Cauliflower mashed potato. A humble vegetable, bland on taste yet dense with nutrients, the cauliflower has pretty much been put under the spotlight this year. After being declared, across Canada, by food experts to be the New

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